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Meal Prep CLubs

For those with hectic schedules, finding the time to research, plan, and prepare nutritious meals can be a daunting task. Additionally, not everyone possesses the culinary expertise needed to create delicious and health-conscious dishes. The overwhelming amount of information available about nutrition and meal planning can also lead to confusion and decision fatigue.


Moreover, individuals may face challenges in sourcing fresh and wholesome ingredients, sticking to a budget, or accommodating specific dietary restrictions. These can become barriers to adopting a healthier lifestyle through meal planning.


Professional assistance, such as joining Meal Prep Clubs or enlisting the support of a nutritionist, can provide tailored solutions, such as personalized meal plans and recipe suggestions to make healthy eating more manageable, enjoyable, and sustainable for individuals seeking to makeover their dietary habits.

Each Meal Prep Club Includes:

  • Meal plans with step-by-step recipes, with leftovers built-in!

  • A shopping list makes it easy to stay on plan & within budget.

  • Access online or convert to a PDF.

  • Affordable and convenient.


This is as close to a personal chef as you will get. Change your mindset. Change your diet. Change your lifestyle. Reduce your stress! Start your Nutritional Makeover today!​

Kick Sugar Meal Prep Club

  • 21-day recipe series with built-in leftovers, making your cooking journey a breeze.


  • Sugar free, easy and delicious!

  • A shopping list makes it easy to stay on plan & within budget.

  • Access online or convert to a PDF.

  • Only $19.97 to begin your NUTRITION MAKEOVER!

Postpartum Freezer
Meal Prep Club

  • As a mom of 14 children, I know all about end-of-pregnancy struggles. I also know that planning ahead provides an additional buffer of peace, after all the meal deliveries from family and friends have subsided.

  • I created this 3-week Meal Prep Club as a way for expecting moms to be able to prep freezer meals for after your sweet baby arrives.

  • This is also a great plan for the new father or another family member to purchase and implement on behalf of the new mom and baby in their life! What a blessing that would be to her!

I am delighted to present this special compilation of sugar-free Valentine desserts. In a world where sweetness is often associated with refined sugars, my mission is to redefine the notion of indulgence and promote a more nourishing approach to celebrating love. I will introduce you to the profound connection between the choices we make in our daily lives and the overall balance of our health. Each recipe is a testament to the belief that delicious can coexist with nutritious.


In this recipe book, I invite you to explore a delightful array of treats that not only tantalize your taste buds but also align with the principles of holistic health. By embracing wholesome, nutrient-dense ingredients, we embark on a journey to promote well-being from within.

More Coming Soon!

Complimentary Discovery Call

A 15-minute discovery phone call gives you an opportunity to learn more about my assessments, tools and holistic approach to health. We will discuss your health goals and determine how I can best support you in achieving those goals. This time will give us the opportunity to see if we are a good fit to work together going forward. BOOK HERE

Lisa Metzger, TN, CAHP, FBCA
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