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Functional Blood
Chemistry Analysis


“Normal” Isn’t Healthy

Many people are told their blood work results are “normal”, even though their results are not ideal or healthy.


Western Medicine Laboratories base their results upon the AVERAGE POPULATION, which means that the normal range gets wider as the general population gets sicker.


Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis (FBCA) results are based upon the HEALTHY POPULATION. Why would we want to compare what we view as "normal" to what is already sick and dysfunctional?


Additionally, a Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis helps alert clients to PRESENT and POTENTIAL vitamin & mineral DEFICIENCIES, IMBALANCES, or DYSFUNCTIONS in the body - oftentimes long before there is even a disease present.

By building a holistic, comprehensive picture of my client's health, I provide action plans tailored specifically to my client. Ideally, this aids the client in preventing dysfunction from occurring in the first place. And in many other cases, I help them to decipher what their body has been trying to communicate all along.

“Normal” Isn’t Optimal

I guide my clients to optimal health - not merely "normal" health.

Western Medicine relies on a specific laboratory’s reference range. These ranges are calculated based on values found within a sample population in a regional area. Laboratories define “normal” as the values reflected in roughly 95% of their sample — the upper 2.5% and lower 2.5% are considered to be "abnormal". THE PROBLEM IS that these are statistical averages are based on small populations - of both the healthy and the sick - and are NOT TRUE MARKERS OF ACTUAL HEALTH.


Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis uses much tighter ranges, because we only consider the healthy in the population for our "normal" values. These tighter ranges are correlated with real health outcomes, and by tracking my client's progress toward or away from those ranges, I help GUIDE my clients toward OPTIMAL health — not merely “normal” health.

Organizing Test Tubes

How Practitioners Use Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis to Address Dysfunction


With the right tools and knowledge, practitioners use FBCA and functional blood chemistry ranges to recommend supplements and/or lifestyle changes. If a client's fasting blood glucose is too high, for instance, the practitioner might recommend diet and exercise. On a follow-up test, the practitioner might observe that the client's fasting blood glucose is still high; since their recommended treatment didn’t have an impact, they might invest in further testing or modify their treatment plan.

Additionally, the practitioner would regularly test the client's blood to observe how their glucose levels evolve over time. FBCA is all about tracking trends. By taking multiple blood biomarker profiles, practitioners can see whether and how their treatment is making an impact on the individual.

FBCA also serves as a means of targeting future testing. Rather than recommend a battery of tests that run the gamut from mildly to majorly invasive, cheap to expensive, vague to precise, functional practitioners can use a blood test — a non-invasive, inexpensive and informative test. If more testing is needed, the practitioner will have ruled out those tests that don’t seem likely to yield any pertinent results.

What does the Analysis look like?


A Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis (FBCA) is a confidential PDF Report that is 15+ pages in length. An FBCA PDF Report explains blood test results in detail using colorful graphics and easy-to-understand language. Specifically, the FBCA report analyzes Functional Body Systems, Accessory Systems, Nutrient Status, and Nutrient Deficiencies based on a person’s blood test results. 

Where is the Blood Testing Performed?


Legacy Wellness does not preform blood testing in-house. When clients have recent blood work readily available, I suggest they order a Blood Test Analysis. Ideally, clients should minimally provide test results from the following panels:

  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel

  • Cholesterol Panel

  • Complete Blood Count

  • Thyroid Function (TSH, Free T3, Free T4, Thyroid antibodies)

  • Any additional panels will likely add to the details of the report.



If clients do not have recent blood work, I can order lab work.

How it works

1. Order your Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis below.


2. Remit payment on the invoice you receive via email.


3. Receive your Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis within three business days of Legacy Wellness running your analysis. 

4. If you chose to UPGRADE, you will receive your analysis and then schedule a 15-minute consultation with Lisa to review allergies and health records before receiving the supplements recommended according to the results of your Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis.



  • Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis 15+ page report
  • It is recommended that those who want to receive a supplemental protocol, purchase the upgrade instead.

  • $75 (Use existing lab work or have Labcorp blood work ordered separately either by your primary care provider or you can order below.
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I provide this Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis service to qualified practitioners and medical professionals at a wholesale rate. Learn more HERE.
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